BMW INPA / Ediabas ADS USB Interface

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Dealing with BMW complex Electronic Control Units (ECU) along the entire process chain requires reliable communication and data
description. The Diagnostic Tool Set consists of a set of PC based
applications which support developers, engineers and technicians in all aspects of communication with ECUs and vehicles via serial
communication lines.

Typical applications of this Ediabas / Inpa interface include:
-   Specification of ECU’s diagnostic data
-   Communication development
-   Reading and clearing error memory
-   Flash data uploading and downloading
-   Reading measurement values
-   Input/output control
-   Calibration of single ECU variables
-   Coding of ECU variables
-   Coding of ECU variants
-   CAN (Controller Area Network) bus mode emulation

-   One data set and one run time system for the entire life cycle
-   Reduced maintenance effort and cost reduction
-   Support of all ECU use cases in Engineering, Test, Production and After Sales
-   Automatic generation of specification
-   Integrated solutions for on-board/off-board
-   Fast and simple configuration of GUI and communication data instead of programming
-   Customer specific protocols supported
-   Learn only one system for different projects
-   Open system architecture
-   Proven track record
-   Long term application by supporting widespread ASAM standards
-   Language is English and German

Models covered:

-   All BMW models with the round 20 pin diagnostic connector

Diagnostic interface for BMW Ediabas / INPA Software 100% compatible ADS mode for full support of 20pin OBD1 cars such as the E36 series and similar. Only an fully ADS compatible interface can access all modules in certain 20pin OBD1 cars, to check if you have such a car please check the 20pin OBD1 diagnostic plug, if Pin15 is installed only an fully ADS compatible Interface will be able to connect to all modules in the car.

-   Connects to USB port
-   Status LEDs for RX and TX status
-   Battery voltage detection by virtual comport control line
-   Ignition voltage detection by virtual comport control line

Package contains:
- INPA / Ediabas ADS USB Interface

Special instructions:
The Interface is based on the FTDI232RL chipset - you can download the required (most actual) drivers from FTDIchip.com directly. The virtual comport in the device manager must be set to COM1.

Further - you will need to replace the original ADS32.dll file with the one provided by us which is only compatible with the ADS USB Interface. When doing so please copy the archive to the destination folder and extract it there directly (right click and "extract here") moving/copying the file can cause problems with the file attributes and create "IFH" errors.
Please download the archive under the tab "Attachments".

Lastly  - If use INPA, the new version might not work, we recommend the INPA version 4.4.